Company Beliefs

As a company we believe in holding ourselves to exacting standards and having every member of the team working towards one goal. We love the industry we work in and we feel that anything less than perfection would be a sign of disrespect to our trade. Respect for the customer goes hand in hand with our respect for the trade. We always feel a deep sense of satisfaction when a client chooses to accept a quote from us. A paintjob is the key to the mood of the building and it’s an enormous responsibility to be charged with the task of creating the mood and feel that a client envisages for their property. We don’t put down tools until the client is 100% happy with the work we’ve done.

We select our team and our materials in order to fulfill our commitment to perfection and respect for the client and the trade.

Our time in the industry means we can tell in an instant if a person will work in a way that satisfies the belief system of Timeframe Group. We only employ people that are enthusiastic about the job, people who are willing to learn all the time and people who are only satisfied with perfection. We don’t want staff that meets expectations; we want staff that exceeds expectations.

We are constantly combing product brochures and reading reviews to make sure that our clients have the best materials at the disposal. We have worked hard to develop relationships with clients and we know the suppliers to turn to for quality products. We never want to skimp on materials to bump up our profit; this goes against our twin beliefs of respect for the trade and the client. Instead, we want to absorb the cost of quality and pass savings on to the client’s that have invested so much faith in us.

We are extremely proud of our body of work but we always feel there are ways we can improve, techniques we can learn and innovations we can seek out to give an even better service. Our team is committed to learning and to the application of this learning to create the perfect finished product. We believe that by calling on the wisdom of the tradition of our trade and looking to the future we can give an unbeatable service to our clients.

We truly love our jobs and we love our clients. This love breeds passion and this passion breeds quality.

We strive to give back to the community, we are a large philanthropic organisation and contribute to a number of important causes and programmes, including:

  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDFR) – Walk for the cure
  • Multiple Sclerosis Australia
  • Kids Help Line
  • The Inaugural Oxfam Trail Walker Sydney
  • Major national Apprentice and Trainee Programme
  • Local Sporting Teams

Vision Statement

  • Quality: We hold Quality Assurance system for Surface Preparation, Curing, Handling, and Storage & Protection of all protective coatings.
  • Mission
    We are a privately owned business, guaranteed to uphold our Principles values and provide an unparalleled service to the Building industry.
  • Vision
    The benchmark is to provide streamlined processes and competitive pricing to improve the profitability for our valued customers.
  • Values
    Commitment to Excellence, Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Clients, Employees & Associates Commitment to the development & training of our staff.